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As the largest independent firm of Chartered Accountants and Tax advisers in the South West of England, and a top 25 UK firm, our experts are best placed to help you successfully establish, manage and grow your business in the South West of England.

With eight offices across the region we can offer national expertise combined with local knowledge and at a regional cost level. Our local presence and understanding will help ensure your business venture is a success.

The South West offers an attractive environment in which to do business and the availability of regional funding and support further enhances the appeal of the South West for companies seeking to establish a permanent presence in the UK.

Our team of inward investment experts have successfully helped both International and UK-owned businesses relocate or expand their operations to the South West and have extensive experience and knowledge of helping companies invest successfully in the region.

Why invest in the South West?


Why should you consider investing in the South West of England? The answer is easy – location, location, location!

Amongst the South West’s many attractions for an inward investor are:

  • World renowned universities and research establishments with particular expertise in renewables, digital media, engineering, medicine and environmental sciences
  • Large pool of hard working labour and well-developed skills base
  • Fantastic quality of life with access to the coast, countryside and moorland; excellent local food; distinctive towns and great cultural facilities, offering an attractive year round location for employees
  • Excellent rail, road and airport links which enable products to be delivered anywhere in the world within 24 hours
  • Advanced IT networks – with parts of the South West having the most advanced superfast broadband in the EU
  • Availability of regional funding and support
  • Renewables – The UK’s green peninsula with Cornwall, in particular, being a centre of excellence for research and development in renewable energy and home to the Wave Hub, the biggest test site for wave energy technology in the world
  • Excellent professional services sector in terms of legal and accounting advice
  • Availability of a variety of premises

All of these reasons and more are why world leading companies such as Astra Zeneca, Becton Dickinson, Pall Corporation, The Barden Corporation and Princess Yachts have facilities in the South West. And why in the last 2 years some 13,000 jobs have been either created or safeguarded as a result of inward investment in the South West (Source UKTI).

Grants and Funding


One of the attractions for companies seeking to establish a permanent presence in the South West is the availability of grant funding. This is equally applicable for UK-owned or overseas businesses.

Our specialist grants team has many years’ experience of advising on numerous successful grant applications for companies in a variety of sectors looking to establish a presence in the South West. The team has worked on a wide range of grant applications for such businesses, regularly securing grant offers of between £1m and in excess of £5m for inward investment projects.

The team’s track record includes successful grant applications for global businesses such as Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Pall Corporation and The West Company. The companies were either looking to invest or to expand or indeed safeguard their presence in the UK.

Although these are all overseas owned companies, over the years the team has helped UK-owned companies, such as Manuplas and Plessey Semi-conductors, establish or increase their presence in the South West.

The majority of the more substantial grants available are for investment in land and buildings and plant and machinery, which result in the creation of full time, permanent jobs, although there are often smaller grants available for items such as recruitment, marketing, training and similar costs.

These grants will either come from the UK Government or from Regional Agencies such as Local Authorities and are very much driven by the location you are looking to invest in.

In addition to grant funding we can help secure bank and equity funding if required for your plans.

Visit our Grants page for further information.

How can FC help?


Inward investment is a major pillar of the South West Economy with several of the world’s major companies having a presence in the region. These companies have been attracted to the South West for a number of reasons, including quality of life, communication and IT links, educational establishments and skills base.

Inward investment is an increasingly competitive area with more and more countries and regions looking to attract companies. Over the years the Inward Investment specialists within our International Services team have helped many UK or global companies either move to or expand in the South West in a number of ways, including:

  • Liaising with local investment agencies and local authorities in terms of information gathering, supply chain and property availability
  • Undertaking location searches and comparisons
  • Securing grants by co-developing business plans and supporting information to ensure grant applications meet the grant scheme’s parameters, and providing advice and support throughout the grant application process
  • Making initial contact with bankers and solicitors as required
  • Being responsible for accounting and management reporting functions

These specialist services are in addition to the more traditional audit, accounting and taxation services we also offer.

Consequently, we have extensive experience and knowledge of helping companies invest successfully in the South West. We are always happy to meet with potential investors in the region, to discuss their investment plans and to explain how we can help them achieve their plans.

We enjoy working in the South West – we also enjoy advising businesses looking to invest in this region.


    The South West’s largest export markets are Germany and France. 

    UK Reg Trade Stats Q1 2015

    By 2017, superfast broadband coverage should reach 95% of the South West. 

    HM Treasury, 2015

    Some 30% of Manufacturing output in the SW is from overseas owned businesses. 


    The Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station will be Europe's largest construction project and the UK's largest inward investment project 

    Heart of SW LEP Plan 2014-30

    Only 3% of employees in the South West work for foreign-owned businesses - compared with national average of 15% 

    LEP Network Report 2014

    Only 0.3% of businesses in the South West are foreign owned - compared with national average of 1.3% 

    LEP Network Report 2014


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